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Connecting with your customers

We bring value through innovative communication technology that puts customer interaction at the heart of what we do. Enriching their experience with your brand

Customer Experience

Bringing together experience and technology in an expert workforce with a sense of warmth and a fair-minded approach, with the main objective of providing excellent service.

Omnichannel Approach

Bringing together audiovisual data from multiple sources to improve the customer experience.

Personalized Service

We are the perfect partner for innovating each of your company processes with cutting edge technology that will transform all your communication channels.

Focus on your processes

Because we know that every customer is unique, we design a bespoke plan for you, including implementation of your work methodology, development, tool and application management, and a specialist report.


Our services support companies from different areas to provide the best service and care to your customers. From SMEs to global enterprises.

FFB 360° Experience

We give each customer a complete experience to cover all parts of customer care, which is displayed through our unprecedented user experience and care.


Our strength is human capital, so each collaborator is enrolled on a series of courses for data protection, using our tools, and soft skills techniques.


After developing the roadmap, we carry out the delegation of work areas and roles.


We evaluate results at regular intervals to ensure that what we do is the best it can be.


We have a specialist scheme for inspecting and managing our agents, ensuring that the sale is carried out within the designated time period.


We work under guidelines developed and implemented into each campaign, adapting and improving the customer experience to meet their needs.


At Front Face Business, social responsibility forms part of our corporate strategy, and helps us to have a positive impact on our stakeholders, taking into account the expectations of all the participants, whether that be economic, social or human, and environmental, showing respect for ethical values, people, communities and the environment for the common good.

As a way of repaying the support that we receive every day, we have created the #ChangeTheGame initiative through which we have created a link between the people who form part of our team, the community, and the environment.

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